Exterior Stainless Steel Cable Railing

After years in the business and building and installing all sorts of railings around the Atlanta metro area, we have come to believe that stainless steel cable railings are some of the best railings a customer can choose for their house. We love making our customers happy with a beautiful product and being able to guarantee both our workmanship and the materials for life … so our customers’ smiles are for life. Here are some of the reasons we love stainless steel cable railings and think you should consider them for your next project.


Style in Many Settings

Stainless steel cable railings offer a flexible style that works with many houses. They provide THE perfect style to go with modern and mid-century modern homes where the emphasis is on long lines, eco-friendly materials and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. That being said, their simplicity and clean lines also coordinate well with modern farmhouse style. In traditional homes, they make a lot of sense outside where bulky traditional railings take attention away from your beautiful view. If all stainless steel is simply too modern, we also offer powder-coated black aluminum framework and black oxide coated cable.


Interior Stainless Steel Cable Railing



High Visibility Without Sacrificing Strength

Stainless Steel Cable RailingWhether inside or out, stainless steel cable railings allow great visibility. In residential applications, we use 1/8” diameter cable. It is extraordinarily strong and the small size and light color make it easy to look past to focus on the surroundings instead.

The strength of stainless steel means you can have smaller railing frame components, which further allows the railing to blend in. Inside your house, the ability to fade into the background works great with open floor plans. Outside on your deck, you spend less time looking at the railings and more time looking at the scenery. It even opens up the view from inside your house.

You may be wondering, “Why not use a glass panel railing for maximum visibility?” While it’s true that glass panels start off with amazing visibility, like any other glass, the panels must be cleaned frequently to maintain their beauty. Over time, rain can cause mineral buildup and even etching, ruining your view. Even when used inside, fingerprints and smudges happen so you must clean the glass frequently.


Customize to Make it YOUR Railing

We are one of the few companies in the Atlanta area that builds our railings from scratch and installs them ourselves, delivering a custom system guaranteed to fit. Because we don’t use pre-manufactured screw-together, glue-together systems, we are able to incorporate a variety of add-ons to make your railing work for you. 

Stainless Steel Cable Railing, Fireman's Pole and GateWe can build coordinating cable gates to keep your dogs in your yard or out of an area of your house. Avid entertainers may want to add a fully welded stainless steel drink ledge to their railing so that guests have a place to set down drinks while conversing. And those with kids or who are kids at heart will have a blast with a stainless steel fireman’s pole (protected by a self-closing gate). That last option has been a hit at our house for grownups and kids alike! 


A Lifetime of Beauty

One of my favorite parts of having a stainless steel cable railing is how easy it is to maintain. Outside, a wash with a hose and a wipe down with a rag goes a long way towards keeping it looking great. Inside, a wipe down is all that’s necessary. And these days, you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy and safe to sanitize the handrail as often as needed. Unlike steel railings, stainless steel doesn’t rust so it never needs painting (or repainting). That’s great news in a humid climate like we have in Atlanta. Also, the homeowner can easily retension the cables with basic tools. 

Barring natural disasters, a fully stainless steel system will last forever. Even if you need to replace your deck or flooring underneath, it is possible to loosen the cables, unscrew the posts and lift up the railing so that new decking can be added underneath it. Then you can fasten everything back down and retension the cables. Buy it once, buy it for life! Even if harsh chemicals damage the railings, there are ways to undo the damage and restore the railings. For more details, see our blog post “How to Maintain Stainless Steel”


We ❤ Stainless Steel Cable Railings

When we moved to our new house, I couldn’t wait for us to redo the deck so we could rip off our old scenery-stealing wood railings. When we finally completed our new deck and added the stainless steel cable railings, our beautiful backyard view completely opened up. The railings are one of my favorite additions to the house and a gift that keeps on giving.

If you are ready to add new railings to your house and update your enjoyment, contact us! We have installed stainless steel cable railings for hundreds of people in the greater metro Atlanta area and would love to do so for you.

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