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Mr. Hudson is a professional in every sense of the word. I was provided an estimate over the phone and Mr. Hudson then came out and measured for the job – giving me the same approximate cost. He also discussed issues that could come up with my existing wrought iron and what I could do to prevent its early demise! It was very helpful information. The work on the new railing was completed within 2 days of my receiving a written estimate and the railing itself is beautiful.

Beverly C.

High-Quality Commercial Railings for Your Business

Many clients call us to install commercial railings at their new construction and remodel projects. Whether you need railings installed on an exterior ramp or on an interior staircase, we can help. We are thoroughly familiar with International Building Code and ADA design guidelines for commercial railings and our team will ensure your project will be compliant. Furthermore, we offer turn-key delivery and take full responsibility of the project through installation so you can be confident your project will be done right.

While we do work with carbon steel and aluminum, we at Hudson Custom Fabrication highly recommend stainless steel for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Stainless steel offers a beautiful finish that requires little maintenance and stands the test of time.

Beautiful Railings Across Atlanta

We’ve had the pleasure of serving many clients throughout the Atlanta area and we hope to add your name to the list. No matter where you need your new stainless steel rails, we will make sure they surpass your expectations. When you work with us, you should expect nothing but the best.

Hudson Custom Fabrication has been in business since 2005, and our clients rave about our work. We take pride in every creation we build. Get in touch with us to begin designing high-quality railings for your business.


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Beautiful Designs


There are two main kinds of railings required by code – guardrails and handrails. Guardrails are designed to prevent falls from elevated surfaces and are required where there is a drop of 30” or more. Handrails are designed to aid people walking up stairs or a ramp and are required on both sides of stairs and ramps. In commercial applications, guardrails must be at least 42” high and handrails must be 34”-38” high so often you need both.


When you hire a custom fabricator like Hudson Custom Fabrication, you can get what you need AND what you want.

Integrated Handrails

We can build handrails that integrate them seamlessly with your guardrails for one unified, smooth handhold all the way down the stairs.


Allow customers an easy exit from your patio or lock it closed at night. We can make coordinating gates for the ultimate in stylish safety.

Cover Shoes

Cover shoes slide down the posts to cover the base plates or cement, for a polished look.

Wood Top Cap

Want a wood top cap instead of metal? We can build the railing so your woodworker can easily attach the wood top cap to it.

Integrated Drink Rail

Entertain clients in style and turn your patio into the ultimate gathering space with our integrated stainless steel drink rails.


Usually, where you’re installing the railing will dictate how it will need to be mounted. You can see examples below of the different ways we can install your railings. We are happy to discuss the options with you.

Base Plate

We use base plates with lag screws and washers or countersunk screws. This is perfect for top-mounting a railing into wood.

Core Drill

If you have cement or stone at least 4” deep, we can core into it and cement in your posts.


We extend the posts down the side of your stairs and send lag screws through the posts laterally.


If we are adding the railing to steel stairs, we can weld posts directly to the steel. Some customers add wood or sheet rock around the posts so the fastening is completely hidden.

See a design you like, or have an idea of your own? Let us know.

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